About company



The directors and shareholders of CIS RM Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers LTD have over forty years of experience in Prime Global Insurance and Reinsurance Markets. During the past 25 years they have gained substantial knowledge and experience in Russian speaking countries by creating insurance brokerage offices and being involved in day-to-day activities with local insurance companies and Global Multinational Companies active in Energy, Mining and Subsoil and others.


Strategic Objectives:

Our short-term goal is to be known as a reputable and professional Insurance Broker and Consultant firm within the local and international markets with the expertise to design insurance and reinsurance solutions according to our clients/partners exposure to diverse nature of personal and business risks. We are proud to announce we successfully achieved this goal and now our medium and long-term aspirations are to be recognized as the leading independent professional Insurance Brokers/Consultants & Risk Management firm within Cyprus Market. international reputation is already established for the service we provide including access to quality rated underwriters.



As a progressive organization we are proud to have built-up a wealth of knowledge on the subjects of Insurance and Reinsurance including from the essential basic vehicle insurance to the sophisticated complex financial instruments described generally as derivatives or ‘hedging’ programs. Risk Identification, Analysis and Assessment of our clients’ business activities are central to our operations and our Risk Management Directors are available to be called upon to assist in identifying, secure, plan and provide risk management advice and solutions to minimize risk exposures.



Our Management philosophy is based on the following five primary principals:

  1. Encourage and adopt a positive attitude towards protecting the environment, especially the fauna, flora and natural beauty of Cyprus and its diverse cultures.
  2. The use of experienced professionals who have the ability to train nationals and younger entrepreneurs to understand the wider definition of insurance business, combining western techniques and innovation with local knowledge and business practices for the benefit of our clients and partners.
  3. The ability to tailor insurance and reinsurance products, including sophisticated financial tools to cater for the diverse requirements of our clients and partners.
  4. To keep up-dated and current with changes in the credit rating of Insurance/Reinsurance Underwriters as determined by rating organizations such as Standard & Poor’s. We believe it is essential that only financially strong and resilient Insurers/Reinsurers such as Lloyd’s of London, Munich Re, Swiss Re and similar secure markets offer continuity of professional excellence and financial security for our clients and partners.
  5. To respect the confidentiality of a clients/partners business at all times and only disclose to third parties that information, with the approval of the client, essential to protect the interests of the client/partner. “Integrity and Utmost Good Faith” is the motto of the insurance profession and CIS RM Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers LTD adhere strictly to this in all business relationships.


International Recognitions:

CIS RM Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers LTD has business relationships with all other international intermediaries whereby those organizations look to our company to assist in servicing specific business links.


The Team:

Our Team comprises diverse experienced personnel with extensive knowledge of Insurance, Reinsurance and Assessment of risks. The company conducts internal comprehensive training for them as well as organises seminars in London to get international experience.


Our achievements:

Our companies have certain achievements in sphere of their activity. From 2015 up to now our Almaty partner in Kazakhstan, CIS Risk Consultant Company (Insurance Broker) LLP maintaining its leading positions in the Insurance and Reinsurance market. Company was repeatedly awarded by independent bodies as the undoubted leader in this industry.


(1863 – 1947)